Welcome to Underhill School and the Hooksett Community. My Name is Candace Lord and I am the School Counselor at the Fred C. Underhill School. I am a UNH graduate holding a Masters in Education in Counseling and a NH state certification in Guidance. My passion is empowering students to become lifelong learners who value themselves and others. I have a deep understanding and insight into the  personal and social needs of students and the affect on their sense of self and community. In addition to my guidance certificate I have a graduate certificate in Autism Spectrum Disorders, a Certification in Life Space Crisis Interview, and a Social Thinking Clinical Training Program Level 1-Basic. But what you need to know most about me is that I love my job and working with your kids!
I look forward to working with all the classes, where I will be guiding and helping students to learn about themselves, their strengths, their challenges, and their interests.  At the same time, my job is to support students in their educational experience and to help them discover the life long joy of learning.  As I work with classes, I will send home information on what we are discovering.