Social Thinking

One intervention I use in my practice at Underhill School is Social Thinking. To call this a social skills intervention would not be accurate. Please check out the website to help you understand the depth and brilliance of this very dynamic intervention.

 Social Detective 

Social Detective, a Michelle Garcia Winner creation, is a tool we use here at Underhill.  Social Detective teaches us to use our eyes, ears, brain, and heart to make smart guesses about what is going on or what might happen next. Social detective introduces us to vocabulary used for observing others and ourselves. 
Expected behavior
Unexpected behavior
smart guess/wacky guess

Who is Superflex and what is Social Thinking? 
 One of my students describes superflex as "a superhero who helps kids, "defeat" their "unthinkables" that get in their way of learning.
I love using Superflex in my practice as the kids love it and they can easily, and in a fun way, describe what their problem is. That's self-awareness.  In addition they learn great strategies or create their own to solve the problem or regulate their own behavior. That's self-management.