Monday, August 22, 2016

Happy New School Year!

It is almost that time - the days are getting shorter, fall clothing is arriving in stores, backpacks, and lunchbox's are everywhere.  So many choices!  It's is definitely beginning to feel like 'Back to School'.  Before school starts here are a few things to consider to make the transition easier. less stressful,  and hopefully,  fun.

* Drive by Underhill School, notice the front of the school, the sign out front, and maybe even play on the playground.  If your child is a first or second grader, and already familiar with the playground, have them show your around, and ask them what they like to do at recess, or who they play with.  You could challenge them, and yourself, to learn the states and capitals using the giant map of the United States.

* Come to the Underhill School to meet your teacher on Tuesday August 30 from 2- 4.  This is a great time to see your child's classroom, connect with old friends, and familiarize your child and yourself, with the school and staff.

* Start working on 'the morning ritual'.  Maybe even start going to bed a little earlier and start the conversation about what your family's morning will look like. Will the backpack be packed the night before? What will breakfast look like? The more your child knows what is expected the easier it is to start the "school day schedule".

* Address the 'What-ifs"  What if I don't know anyone? What if I forget my lunch? What-if I am late?
Listen to the 'What-ifs' and problem solve together.  Your insight and support is very calming for your child.

Please stop by my office hallway during the 'Meet and Greet', say 'hi' and write your Hopes, Dreams, and Desires for your child on my 'graffiti' board - I look forward to meeting you!