Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Let's Think Spring!

After this last storm I am ready for Spring!  It is time to view daffodils, new grass sprouting, birds singing and to feel the warmth of the sun.  So in light of this last storm dropping up to two feet of snow and lots of branches,  I thought I would share this fun video - it is sure to get you up and out!

Lunch Time!

Going back to school means getting back into routines: homework, bedtime rituals, and morning rituals (getting dressed, having breakfast, packing the backpack).
Lunch is one of those things that can fall between the cracks.  But with a little planning and a cool Bento Box, putting together lunch can become a fun creative activity that you can share with your child.   These little boxes allow one to make their own "lunchables', that means fresher food, enviable curiosity from other kids about what adventure awaits him/her in their box (think "what's in your lunch?") and a money saving alternative to pre-made food.  For some fun ideas check out Bentology Tips for Back to School Lunch.
I love how fun these lunches are with a variety of fruit, veggies, nuts, cheese, crackers, or quartered sandwiches, just about anything goes.  Have fun with your child in making their lunch, work to have different colors, textures, and flavors.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Happy New School Year!

It is almost that time - the days are getting shorter, fall clothing is arriving in stores, backpacks, and lunchbox's are everywhere.  So many choices!  It's is definitely beginning to feel like 'Back to School'.  Before school starts here are a few things to consider to make the transition easier. less stressful,  and hopefully,  fun.

* Drive by Underhill School, notice the front of the school, the sign out front, and maybe even play on the playground.  If your child is a first or second grader, and already familiar with the playground, have them show your around, and ask them what they like to do at recess, or who they play with.  You could challenge them, and yourself, to learn the states and capitals using the giant map of the United States.

* Come to the Underhill School to meet your teacher on Tuesday August 30 from 2- 4.  This is a great time to see your child's classroom, connect with old friends, and familiarize your child and yourself, with the school and staff.

* Start working on 'the morning ritual'.  Maybe even start going to bed a little earlier and start the conversation about what your family's morning will look like. Will the backpack be packed the night before? What will breakfast look like? The more your child knows what is expected the easier it is to start the "school day schedule".

* Address the 'What-ifs"  What if I don't know anyone? What if I forget my lunch? What-if I am late?
Listen to the 'What-ifs' and problem solve together.  Your insight and support is very calming for your child.

Please stop by my office hallway during the 'Meet and Greet', say 'hi' and write your Hopes, Dreams, and Desires for your child on my 'graffiti' board - I look forward to meeting you!

Friday, April 8, 2016

Got Feelings?

Of course you do!  Are you able to identify, manage, recognize your feelings, as well as the feelings of others? And if you say yes, which I hope you do, are you teaching and modeling these skills for your children?  

Why is it important to know your feelings?  Because accurately identifying your feelings  allows you to better work through and manage them.  Self-awareness is a life skill that allows us to accurately asses our feelings, interests, and values; it leads to self-confidence.  That’s a very powerful attribute to pass on to your children. 

I frequently see kids who aren’t able to distinguish between sad and mad or those deep emotions like jealousy.  Big feelings are often channeled directly into what looks like anger.  Which, for the most part, does not provide understanding or control.  We all want control of ourselves (self-management).

When a child can identify their feelings they have the power to communicate that to their parents or teachers.  That allows the adult the opportunity to listen and explore the feelings and to help problem solve or just validate the feeling.   This builds understanding, compassion, perspective taking, and self-confidence.  We want our children to build a strong sense of self as well as a comprehensive understanding of others and how we fit in within the community of family, friends, and school.

Knowledge (self- awareness) = self-confidence

Help your child identify, understand, and manage their feelings. 
It is a very colorful and emotional world!

  • Self-management: The ability to regulate one’s emotions, thoughts, and behaviors effectively in different situations. This includes managing stress, controlling impulses, motivating oneself, and setting and working toward achieving personal and academic goals.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A Little Adventure...

Geocaching!  Yes you read that right!  Geocaching is a any day, anywhere,  any time adventure.  It is an exploration of a place you have never been or a new adventure in our town of Hooksett (my app states there are at least 20 cache's here).  Think of it as a treasure hunt that will take you around different communities, connect you with your child in a problem solving, think with your eyes, use your brain adventure. My son, Calvin, has been geocaching for several years and this year he took me on an adventure around Plaice Cove, NH and Kittery, ME in search of the 'Cache'.  Once you add the Geochaching app to your phone it will one great field trip!  Get out and explore!

click this link:  Geocaching

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Best Gift Ever -

Your time!
That's right spending  time with your children is the most precious gift.  Think about some of your fondest memories when you were young... Was it a movie, a TV show? Probably not.  Most likely it was when the power went out and you played games, or it was talking around the dinner table, or maybe helping your mom to cook, or even reading a chapter book as a family.

Give your family the gift of time and good memories this holiday season.  Play some board games, read a book together, go for a walk, or plan an adventure.  Books I really like are the Phantom Tollbooth,  My Fathers Dragon, and of course Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  Better yet go to the library, make it an adventure to find a good book.  Work with the librarian to help you find a fun and interesting book.  Read together, take turns, and talk about what you are reading, most of all enjoy your time together.

Another fun thing is cooking together.  Children love to be helpful and learning to cook is really fun.  We eat everyday why not eat good homemade food?  It's a no brainer!  Start with something easy like  Chex Mix.   Or another favorite of mine is brownies.  And I don't mean those brownies from a box.  There is a simple recipe Best Easy Brownies this is so yummy and made in one bowl - try it!  Another major benefit of cooking, besides eating, is the incidental math that takes place - math with a purpose!

Whatever you do, wherever you go, have fun and make some great memories!